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The safety of your home is of paramount importance. One of the measures you can take to boost your home security is to make it bulletproof. This is particularly important if there are many gunfire threats in your neighborhood. Contrary to popular belief, your house isn’t as bulletproof as you may imagine it to be. Even your thickest furniture or your ordinary walls won’t come in handy in the event of a shootout. Here is how you can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from gunfire while in your home.

How to Bulletproof Your Home

The main factor you should have in mind as you choose a bulletproofing method for your house is the threat level. Generally, the strongest bullet-resistant materials also tend to be the most expensive. Unless you genuinely face a threat of a machine-gun shootout, then you probably don’t need to use fiberglass and ballistic steel to protect the home. Other cheaper options would be far more appropriate. Strong building materials such as bricks and stones can also whether the abuse of such weapons just fine.

Bulletproofing Options

  1. Fiberglass

fiberglass for bulletproof house

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Fiberglass is one of the most popular bullet resistant materials on the market. It is loved because of its strength and versatility. It is made of woven roving and high strength epoxy. Depending on the thickness of the fiberglass you choose for your house, it can stop ammunition of up to 7.62 mm rifle fire. The material is able to stop bullets in two ways. First, the glass panel is made of an unimaginably strong material called para-aramid fiber or more commonly known as Kevlar. Once the bullet strikes this panel, it deforms and its energy is absorbed by the material. Secondly, the synthetic mesh serves to deflect the bullet. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

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The fiberglass is usually fitted to studs of the house. Some of the perks of choosing this material are

  • It is extremely strong
  • It is unobtrusive
  • Can still have the appearance of an ordinary wall

On the downside, the material is exclusively expensive and unnecessary to use unless the level of threat is quite high.

  1. Ballistic Steel

Ballistic steel is not like ordinary steel; it is far much stronger. So strong is it that ¼ inch thick piece of the material will protect you from 5.56mm bullets. Like fiberglass, this is a rather expensive material which needn’t be used unless the threat is actual and imminent.

  1. Sandbags


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Sandbags, though often overlooked, are a great way to bulletproof your house. Not only are they incredibly cheap, but they are also functional as well. Tight-packed sandbags are great at stopping weak ammunition from wreaking havoc in your home. It is imperative that the bags be tightly packed with sand or else they will not serve their function well. The bags are usually placed in the space between walls. Usually, walls have at least 3.5 inch spacing between them. This is the space that is occupied by the sandbags which serve the purpose of making your home bulletproof.

  1. Stone and Brick Veneer

Another cheap way to make your home bulletproof is to have the walls made of stone and brick veneer. These walls can stop virtually every kind of ammunition save for a grenade. The walls are even more advantageous because they act as a blast and fire barrier. If your house is made of wood or other light materials, then rebuilding the outer walls with steel and brick veneer is a cheap yet effective way to make them bulletproof.

  1. Bulletproof your Windows and Doors

It makes little sense to make your walls bulletproof and leave the windows and doors susceptible to gunfire. If they are made of ordinary glass, then replace that with bullet-resistant glazing in steel frames. For the sake of your privacy, also try to use privacy glass to keep the prying eyes of potential attackers away from your home.

Why Make Your House Bulletproof?

bulletproof house

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to make your house bulletproof. These include the following:

  1. For Peace of Mind

Nothing spells peace of mind better than knowing that your house is safe and the lives of all who live there are protected. This is particularly important if you live in a neighborhood where robberies and shootouts are rampant. When it comes to protecting your family, no expenses should be spared. You would be better off spending the money on boosting the security of the house than lamenting the effects of being the victims of violent shootings.

  1. For Security

In addition to peace of mind, there is also the fact that a bulletproof house actually does boost the security of your home. Not only does it actually protect you in the event of gunfire, but it might also act as a deterrent to those who would wish to attack you in your home. The security boost that a bulletproof house offers those who dwell in it is simply unparalleled.


Security is of utmost importance to any home. If you face the threat of gunfire in your neighborhood, then you may consider making your house bulletproof. You can do this using fiberglass, which is excellent at stopping bullets from accessing your home. You may also opt to use ballistic steel to act as a barrier to oncoming ammunition. Although these two types of bulletproof material can withstand even fairly heavy ammunition, they are also rather expensive and generally unnecessary save for dire situations.

Cheaper options include remaking your walls with stone and brick veneer as well as placing sandbags in the insulation space between your walls. These methods work very well where the threat you face comes from weak ammunition. However, the stone and brick veneer can withstand even fairly strong bullets and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Although the bulletproof material is generally very durable, you should consider changing it every once in a while. For instance, where the integrity of the material has been compromised say by a bullet or other weapon, then you simply must replace the material. Additionally, if the appearance of the material has deteriorated over the years, then replacing it would be a good idea. You may also need to upgrade from one material to another as your situation changes. All in all, a bulletproof house is a safe haven for all.

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