Is there such a thing as free survival gear in this market-driven world where you have to splurge hundreds of bucks on a quality knife?

Strictly speaking, there is. But it’s not 100% free. Usually, there’s more than one catch with these products. They are free per se, but you have to pay for shipping. And that’s okay too – if you pay $4 shipping for a product worth $15, it still sounds like a good deal and a handy addition to your bug out bag or survival kit.

Usually, you’ll also get some promotional material as a bonus. It may be a political pamphlet, this or that membership, or similar stuff. And of course, they will collect your email address, which is another gateway for promotion. It may be annoying, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you don’t like their campaigns, you can always unsubscribe anyway.

There are two more caveats. First, all of these free survival gear deals will eventually expire, or they may get out of stock. (We’ll update the article regularly so it doesn’t affect you, of course.) Second, the bonus promotions may vary. I’ll put the ones that are active at this writing, just to give you an idea what to expect.

Free Survival Gear to Get While Supplies Last – 9 Best Picks

1. American Gunner Neck Knife

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When we talk about survival, self-defense is one of the most important areas. And more often than not, self-defense can only be successful if your attacker doesn’t anticipate it.

This knife excels just in that department. It will hang around your neck. With just 4 inches in length, it’s still long enough to inflict some damage to the attacker to fend them off. And partial blade serration certainly helps with that.

They even offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Since this product is essentially free, it means they’ll pay you back your shipping fee.

2. American Gunner Tactical Karambit Knife

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If you think the above neck knife is not dangerous enough, this karambit surely will be.

It’s a full-blown cold weapon, with 7.4 inches in length and full tang for strength. But the length doesn’t mean you can’t conceal it for everyday carry (EDC). There’s a neck cord included, so you can hide it under your shirt. And it won’t bite you since there’s a protective sheath.

Another thing I like is that it also acts as a glass breaker.

3. Everstryke Waterproof Match

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We’ve already dipped our toes into the primitive art of building a fire on this site. Starting a fire with household items, getting the best waterproof matches or other fire starters are just the beginning of it, but they are absolutely essential to anyone who would live in nature if only for a short while.

As for this particular product, the landing page states that it normally costs $19. If they are exaggerating with this price, it’s not by much. Similar items normally cost between $10 and $20. You’ll get a single Everstryke match, but it has the capacity of 15,000 long burning strikes. There’s a limit of 10 products per household, but the shipping fee will increase a bit with every additional item you add.

So, is there another catch here?

As of this writing, they’re promising to send what they call a “Secret Report” on US elections that’s allegedly worth $295. Honestly, it all sounds like a clickbait to me. Still, there’s no reason you can’t just ignore this stuff once you get your free survival gear.

4. Optic Fire Starter

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When you’re in the wilderness, your lighters may run out of fuel. You may use up your matches. Even the waterproof match that’s #1 on our list can only last for so long. So what to do when those options are off the table?

This little tool will help you ignite your tinder in under 60 seconds. (Well, even if it’s slightly above that, most of the time you won’t be in such a hurry to not be able to spare another couple of seconds.)

Also, remember how we talked about the importance of printed knowledge post-TEOTWAWKI? This fire starter is actually a magnifying glass, so it will help you read all that fine and not-so-fine print.

You’ll also get a guide to starting fire in 21 different ways.

5. FireKable Paracord Bracelet

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No, this is not your average bracelet to wear because you’re cool. This is actually a bracelet that carries a ferro rod and a striker. Basically, you’ll be wearing an unobtrusive fire starter on your wrist. And if you get used to the feeling, there’ll be no chance to forget your firestarter ever again.

Just like all other free offers, this one also comes in a bundle of promotional material. There’s a book on a controversial, some would even say questionable subject. Without further ado, let’s just say it has to do with Uncle Sam and money.

6. HyBeam Tactical Flashlight

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This is one of those snags that make it worth your while. Even with $6.95 shipping, it’s practically a steal, considering the materials and luminosity of this flashlight. I’m personally reserved towards the “defense tool” part, which is mainly based on the beveled edge. But that’s alright – if you need a flashlight, this one will definitely do.

As for extras, the Uncle Sam book from the paracord bracelet is here too.

7. StrikePen Black – Multipurpose Tactical Pen

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This little ball point pen is elegant and stylish alright. But it’s also super badass, and not just because it has a hidden little knife that you could use for defense. It also serves as a glass breaker, LED flashlight, HEX wrench, bottle opener, and a flat head driver. Well, of course, it writes too, and you’ll even get a spare ink cartridge.

It also looks pretty durable, so it will still be useful even if you run out of ink. Your little self-defense tool will still look like a common pen. I’m not sure, though, that its advertised worth of $54.95 is an actual price. But even if it’s not, free still beats any price!

8. 11-in-1 Survival Business Card

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This card is anything but business, which is precisely the reason why I like it. The only thing vaguely resembling business (and a card at that) is that it can fit into your wallet, allowing you to carry it virtually everywhere.

When they say it’s worth $15, I believe them. It contains a can and bottle opener, which can both easily slip off your mind; knife edge, screwdriver, three types of wrenches, saw blade, lanyard hole, ruler, and direction ancillary indicator.

As for the bonuses, these are pure promotion, without any political agenda. You’ll get a book Ultimate Survival Skills and a free 2-hour survival class. More preparedness!

9. 15-in-1 Survival Grenade Kit

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Just like the 11-in-1 business card was not a business card, this survival grenade is not really a grenade. But it is more useful for survival than a real grenade would have been.

And the best thing? The items involved are absolutely different from the above “Business Card”. This little grenade contains 9 feet of paracord, carabiner, scalpel, fishing hooks, floats, weights and line, alcohol prep pad, jigs, safety pins, needle, wire, aluminum foil, ferro rod, and tinder.

You’ll also get three guides on survival training, wild scavenger training, and Plan B defense training. No harm in adding that to your survival kit!