Must-Have Molle Accessories

Must-Have Molle Accessories

If you didn’t already know, MOLLE, pronounced “MOLLY,” stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. This is a carrying system with easy attachment points to easily attach gear for fast access when needed.

As you might be able to tell, MOLLE is something which police, security, and military forces are big fans of, because it allows for split-second access to whatever is needed, whether first aid supplies, ammunition, a whistle, a knife, or anything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the best must-have MOLLE accessories.

MOLLE EMT Rip Away Medical Utility Pouch

If you are soldiering around a desert, jungle, or anywhere in between, one of the biggest must-have MOLLE accessories is the MOLLE EMT Rip Away Military Medical Utility Pouch. This is a large pouch which has more than enough room on the inside for all kinds of lifesaving medical gear.

Whether your brothers in arms have twisted a leg mountaineering or have taken a round in the arm, this is a quick-access medical pouch that can and does save lives. It easily attaches to any MOLLE pack using a Velcro system and can be torn away to help anybody in need at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to acting fast to save lives, this MOLLE medical utility pouch is one of the best in the business. It’s easy to access, small enough to be carried comfortably, but also large enough to fit all of the lifesaving essentials.

MOLLE Tactical Belt

Another must-have MOLLE accessory is the MOLLE Tactical Belt. These belts are designed to be easy to put on, comfortable to wear, to not fall off, and to allow you to attach other MOLLE accessories.

These belts come complete with loops which allow you to easily attach MOLLE accessories, such as the MOLLE tactical knife sheath which we look at below. It’s a great way to allow yourself to carry all sorts of MOLLE accessories, so you can access them when the need arises.

MOLLE Knife Sheath

A knife is something that every adventurer, explorer, and soldier needs. If you need to cut a seatbelt, cut through clothing, or you’ve run out of ammunition for your rifle, a knife can and does come in handy.

Whether it’s for practical purposes or for self-defense, a knife is a big-time asset that most people can greatly benefit from. One accessory you therefore need is the MOLLE Knife Sheath. This is a knife sheath made of ballistic nylon, so you know it’s tough as nails, and it attaches to a MOLLE belt or pack using a hook and loop closure system with a button clip. It’s an easy way to keep a tactical knife handy for any situation which may arise.

MOLLE Tactical Vest

Yet another must-have MOLLE accessory is the MOLLE tactical vest. These are vest which you might see soldiers wearing on the battlefield. These vests are usually designed to hold steel plates, bulletproof plates to protect soldiers and combatants from taking rounds and shrapnel to the torso.

Of course, there are many types of bulletproof vests out there, but the beauty of the MOLLE tactical vest is that you can customize them to a certain degree to hold various configurations of these lifesaving steel plates. Moreover, these MOLLE vests also come with many points of attachment for other gear and MOLLE accessories.

Not only can a MOLLE vest save your life, but it also allows for easy access to a wide range of important gear as well.

MOLLE Raptor Holster

The other important MOLLE accessory we want to look at is the Raptor Holster. This holster is designed to hold a special pair of Raptor scissors. These are heavy-duty scissors which can cut through seatbelts, clothes, all sorts of thick fabrics, shoes, and more.

It’s a good item to have on hand if you get in an accident and need to cut your seatbelt because you are stuck, or if a brother in arms has taken a hit and you have to cut away clothing to get to the wound.


When all has been said and done, the MOLLE system is an ingenious solution to a problem which every soldier has. It’s a great way to carry all of the gear you need to have with you, without constraining you in terms of space or accessibility.

Get yourself a good MOLLE pack and a MOLLE belt, even a MOLLE vest, and then you can begin attaching a wide variety of other MOLLE accessories to those, such as the Raptor scissors and the holster, a knife holster, ammo pouches, medical kits, and much more.

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