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Self defense weapons can mean a difference between deterring the attacker and feeling helpless if an accident occurs. We live in an unsafe world. That’s a fact. It’s not as if we are threatened on a daily basis, but think about roughly 2 million robberies a year, political unrest, and terrorist threatsStill, if you live in a safe area, it takes some bad luck to fall victim to burglary or assault. So, we hope it won’t happen to us. And that’s fine. But, it shouldn’t be an excuse not to be prepared.

Being optimistic benefits us in many ways. But, you don’t want to fall into the trap of normalcy bias. It’s a false belief that nothing bad will ever happen to us. As a result, we underestimate potential dangers and fail to recognize obvious signs that disaster is coming. 

While we shouldn’t live in fear and overthink all potential disaster scenarios, we should be ready if need be. It’s not really a huge effort. You don’t need heavy artillery in your everyday life. Even if you own a gun(s), you should keep it in your vault or at least in your car gun safe. It’s not like you’re going into the war every day. But, there are many options you can carry around on a daily basis without attracting attention or changing your routines. So, let’s see your best options.

12 Best Self Defense Weapons Everyone Should Consider

Pepper Spray

best self defense weapons

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Our Top Picks:

  1. SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release for Easy Access
  2. Mace Brand Self-Defense Triple Action
  3. SABRE Red Maximum Strength Pepper 

A pepper spray is exactly what the name suggests: a spray derived from chili peppers. Whether you like hot peppers or not, the spray is much hotter than anyone can handle. It causes severe irritation of the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. It is legal to purchase or carry, but it’s forbidden for use in war! Go figure! Well, it counts as a chemical weapon. By the way, originally we created a pepper spray to protect us from bears or other wild animals.

However, a pepper spray will allow you to score a small win, but you can’t win the war with it. It will disable or significantly slow down the assailant only for a while. Sure, it will buy you enough time to run away, but that’s all you got. This is what you should look for:

  • Size. It may seem to be irrelevant, but size matters. To use a pepper spray effectively it should be easy to reach. And size determines where and how you can carry it. However, there’s a trade-off. Larger units typically hold larger quantities of spray and dispense more of it in a single spray.
  • Strength. Some sprays are more concentrated than others. The stronger the spray, the greater the effect.
  • Range. You may not have a chance to use your device if the attacker manages to grab you. So, it’s a good idea to be able to spray the assailant from a couple of feet away.

You can also check out our in-depth guide on best EDC pepper sprays.

Stun Gun and Taser

weapons for self defense

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Our Top Picks:

  1. VIPERTEK Stun Gun
  2. Taser Pulse + Self-Defense Tool
  3. VIPERTEK VTS-195 METAL Rechargeable Police Stun Gun LED Flashlight 

If you really want to stun (pun intended) the attacker, get a stun gun. Or a Taser. Both types of devices deliver an electric shock that temporarily incapacitates the assailant. Tasers fire two dart-like electrodes to inflict the damage, while stun guns need direct contact to release electroshock. Tasers and stun guns can penetrate through clothes up to two inches thick

By the way, you can’t feel the shock even if you touch or hold an attacker.

Typically, tasers immobilize stunned individuals for longer periods of time. Also, you can use them from a safe distance (usually up to 15 feet). Moreover, after you fire projectiles, you can still use the device as a stun gun.

On the downside, Tasers are pretty expensive. Also, they are typically larger than stun guns and it’s not easy to conceal them. Furthermore, you need to hit the attacker with both electrodes to deliver the shock.

Stun guns are affordable and great for close-range attacks. They are compact and easy to carry or hide. A stun gun can deliver several consecutive charges and they are rechargeable. Still, if you have a battery tester, you should check out the battery capacity regularly.

So, overall, Tasers are more powerful but way more expensive. Whichever you choose, both weapons are efficient and helpful. However, you should check out your local laws, before purchasing these devices. In most US states they are legal, but a couple of them have certain restrictions or even prohibitions.

Self Defense Knife

best self-defense weapon

Smith & Wesson Knife – Click to see the current price on Amazon!

Our Top Picks:

  1. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife
  2. Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife
  3. Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife

There’s an old adage: “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!” Sure, I agree with that. But, in everyday life, we go to work, not to the O.K. Corral. So, it would be ridiculous to carry your guns and rifles on a daily basis even if you own a permit. A knife, on the other hand, is a perfect choice to carry around and provide some level of protection.

However, a knife is more of a tool than a weapon. You can use it for a variety of everyday activities. It only turns into a weapon in the case of an attack. Not all knives are good for self-defense, though. Typically, there are two types of knives suitable for self-defense: fixed blade tactical knives and folding knives.

Fixed blade knives allow you to use them as soon as you pull them out. Usually, they aren’t safe to carry in a pocket. So, if you prefer these knives, you should carry them in a boot, around your neck, or attached to the belt. Either way, they should have a protective sheath.

Folding knives are convenient as you can fit them almost anywhere. On the downside, you need to open them first and lose some precious time in the process. Even a split second can make a difference when there’s an armed assailant in front of you.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preferences. You may prefer versatility or defensive capabilities. In any case, you should choose smaller knives and make sure you can access and deploy them as quickly as possible.

Tactical Pen or Kubotan

self defense weapons

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen – Click to see the current price on Amazon!

Our Top Picks:

  1. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen 
  2. EIOUMAX Aluminum Alloy Portable Pressure Self Defense Key Chain Kubotan
  3. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen 

There are ways to hide most non-lethal, compact, self-defense weapons. But, there are some that you don’t have to conceal at all. A Kubotan is a self-defense keychain. Basically, it’s a small, pen-size stick made of hard material. It was invented in Japan in 1960, but the name has been genericized over the years, so today it denotes all products that resemble the original design. It can be used for hammer fist strikes or stabbing. So, it looks like a keychain, but looks can be deceiving.

A tactical pen is a sort of “Kubotan in disguise”. It is a specially designed pen that can be used as a self-defense weapon. You can read all about tactical pens here.

Final Thoughts

I strongly believe that everyone should carry a self-defense weapon on a daily basis. It is not an excessive concern, but a common sense. Accidents and robberies happen all the time. And they can happen to anyone. While you shouldn’t overthink it as if all perpetrators are waiting for you, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A simple, compact, non-lethal weapon can make you feel safer and ready to deter potential attackers. Or it can buy you some time to run away. It can save you from trouble and stressful experiences that can linger for years.

Most of our picks are easy to carry and hide. So, hope for the best, but don’t be the one who is stunned if an accident occurs.